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Portal is a GSM to VoIP gateway with seamless integration into Openity® Core. It reduces costs by routing VoIP calls out the cellular network to mobile users at a fraction of the cost of traditional analog phone lines, allowing you to take advantage of mobile-to-mobile minutes.

With Portal, mobile devices operate as normal desk extensions, but without requiring costly data plans. Each portal also provides common GSM Gateway functionality, such as Email-to-SMS, SIM Group routing, Least Cost Routing, and more.

Portal gives more for less, providing 32 channels in a single 1U form-factor for small business and acting as a building block, scaling to fit any enterprise customer. Lightning fast call setup and tear-down allows for quick reuse of the channel. Extend your traditional desk set capabilities to mobile devices – call transfer, corporate voicemail, multi-user conference calls, and international options.

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From installation to configuration to day-to-day use, Openity® Portal makes it easier for you to communicate. You’ll be up and running with a couple of clicks.

  • Seamless integration with Openity® Core
  • Integrates least cost routing using the cellular network as a cost effective way to distribute traffic
  • Enables mobile integration to connect your office extension to your mobile phone
  • Streamlining your communication increases productivity and reduces monthly operating costs

Portal works when, where and with the systems you want it to.

  • Uses industry standard VoIP protocols to interoperate with existing PBX systems
  • Email integration supports common tasks such as email to SMS in existing networks

Voice quality you can count on in an otherwise noisy world.

  • Digital audio and speech compression codecs provide superior voice quality with every call
  • Fast call set-up and tear-down ensures cellular channels are available when you need them
  • Robust call routing efficiently moves traffic where needed

For all its power, Portal needs very little room to keep you connected.

  • Small size saves you space so you can make room for even more
  • 32 channels in compact 1U chassis
  • Scales to accommodate any Enterprise customer

You’re part of Openity®, we won’t leave you stranded

  • Firmware upgrades for the life of the product
  • Support contracts available to provide phone, email, and/or on-site assistance as needed

Download detailed product specifications (PDF) below.