Openity is a Ubiquiti Networks certified network planner and installer. Openity recommends and uses Ubiquiti products in customer deployments requiring cutting edge networking performance.

Ubiquiti Networks provides cost-effective enterprise-grade networking products for wired and wireless communications, including:

  • Wireless Backhaul – high throughput wireless providing 1.4+ Gbps and 50+ km range
  • Fixed Outdoor Wireless – outdoor Wi-Fi with speeds of 100+ Mbps and 30+ km range
  • Carrier Routing and Switching – 3,5, and 8 port routers or 24 and 48 port Gigabit managed switches (POE available)
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi – 802.11n radios with the ability to provide seamless integration in large facilities allowing users to roam to the nearest access point without loosing their connection
  • Video Surveillance – IP camera systems with infrared and optical zoom capabilities
  • Control & Automation – Controllable power outlets and in-wall manageable devices
  • Software – suites of tools to easily manage and configure all of your Ubiquiti networking products

Need to take your networking capabilities to the next level while saving $1,000’s? Contact Openity and we’ll work with you to show you how!

Openity Recommends Ubiquiti Networks

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