The Openity Solution extends the traditional corporate telephone network to the mobile arena, allowing use of mobile phones as corporate extensions. A call from a desk phone to a corporate extension can be seamlessly redirected to a mobile phone. Likewise, mobile phones may dial corporate extensions as if they were traditional desk phones. Other functions of the corporate phone network, such as call transfers, conference calls, and least cost routing are also extended to mobile phones.

Openity even offers the ability for workers to bring their own mobile device. The Openity Solution ensures that proprietary corporate information, such as voicemail and conference bridges, remain hosted within the corporate network. Should the employee leave or replace their device, corporate IP is retained. Employees who bring their own device also benefit from
maintaining separation between their corporate and personal business. Using Openity, the worker never exposes their personal number and appears as a normal extension within the corporate network.

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Openity Announces the Openity Solution

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