Openity and Globalstar Team Up to Release Sat-Fi – The World’s Most Powerful Satellite Hotspot

As the principal design partner with Globalstar for Sat-Fi, Openity is proud to see this game-changer hit the market today providing satellite voice and data coverage to your connected smart phone.

With Sat-Fi, users have the ability to connect their existing Wi-Fi devices, such as smart phones, laptops, and tablets to send and receive voice calls, SMS text messages, email, browse the web, send photos, and much more in remote areas with no existing cellular coverage.

Openity provides engineering expertise integrating solutions leveraging Sat-Fi in a number of custom scenarios for communicating off the grid for work, pleasure, or in emergencies.

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Openity Recommends Ubiquiti Networks

Openity is a Ubiquiti Networks certified network planner and installer. Openity recommends and uses Ubiquiti products in customer deployments requiring cutting edge networking performance.

Ubiquiti Networks provides cost-effective enterprise-grade networking products for wired and wireless communications, including:

  • Wireless Backhaul – high throughput wireless providing 1.4+ Gbps and 50+ km range
  • Fixed Outdoor Wireless – outdoor Wi-Fi with speeds of 100+ Mbps and 30+ km range
  • Carrier Routing and Switching – 3,5, and 8 port routers or 24 and 48 port Gigabit managed switches (POE available)
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi – 802.11n radios with the ability to provide seamless integration in large facilities allowing users to roam to the nearest access point without loosing their connection
  • Video Surveillance – IP camera systems with infrared and optical zoom capabilities
  • Control & Automation – Controllable power outlets and in-wall manageable devices
  • Software – suites of tools to easily manage and configure all of your Ubiquiti networking products

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Openity One Cloud Phone System is Live!

Openity’s Cloud Phone system, Openity One, is now accepting new customers.

Openity One provides reliable, business grade phone service in the cloud. Unlike traditional phone service, which relies on dedicated lines connected to your business, One uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) and an existing Internet connection to provide high-quality, affordable phone service for small businesses. And, One is backed by Openity’s superior support. From installation, to maintenance and troubleshooting, Openity is here to make sure your business is able to communicate effectively.

Openity One customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Consultation with Openity’s VoIP experts to develop a phone system that meets the needs of your small business. Openity’s staff can provide you with a list of supported phones, features, and help you identify how to integrate them into your business.
  • Optional installation by Openity’s qualified support staff, including network configuration, and phone connection. Do you have your own tech support staff? No problem, Openity can ship pre-configured VoIP phones to your business for installation by your existing staff.
  • Advanced phone system features, including voicemail to email, conference bridges, and time of day routing

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Openity Announces ‘One’, Partners with Globalstar for Satellite Communications

Openity is proud to announce availability of the ‘One’ service, providing a seamless communications experience across VoIP, Mobile, and Satellite. Openity’s One service delivers a single phone number able to reach subscribers wherever they are in the world using a combination of technologies to guarantee the call goes through.

Aimed at businesses that require reliable voice communications, One provides a unique feature set that may be tailored to deliver custom communications solutions:

  • Integration with Globalstar’s Satellite Network provides industry leading satellite communications. Unlike other satellite providers, Globalstar’s network meets the 3G specifications, meaning that your phone calls are low-latency and high-quality.
  • One includes competitive world-wide calling rates, true mobility with a single phone number, and conference bridging to meet the most demanding business communications.
  • One provides greater access to more coverage areas than a traditional VoIP or PBX service provider.
  • One supports “bring your own device” (BYOD), allowing businesses to deploy handsets that are familiar to their employees while still maintaining connectivity.

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Openity Announces the Openity Solution

The Openity Solution extends the traditional corporate telephone network to the mobile arena, allowing use of mobile phones as corporate extensions. A call from a desk phone to a corporate extension can be seamlessly redirected to a mobile phone. Likewise, mobile phones may dial corporate extensions as if they were traditional desk phones. Other functions of the corporate phone network, such as call transfers, conference calls, and least cost routing are also extended to mobile phones.

Openity even offers the ability for workers to bring their own mobile device. The Openity Solution ensures that proprietary corporate information, such as voicemail and conference bridges, remain hosted within the corporate network. Should the employee leave or replace their device, corporate IP is retained. Employees who bring their own device also benefit from
maintaining separation between their corporate and personal business. Using Openity, the worker never exposes their personal number and appears as a normal extension within the corporate network.

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